Last year you could NOT have convinced me that there would be communists or radicals anywhere near the White House.

Van Jones had professed his communist affiliations some time ago.  His entire past has revolved around radical causes and “community organizing”.  No way would anyone like that become part of the administration.  This is the USA after all, not a back-water democracy.  (We like our corruption up front, on the balance sheet, and by campaign contributions and tax evasion.)

Obama was supposed to be the “good guy”.  He said so repeatedly during his campaign.  Every body voted for him and expected “change”.

Now we’ve got had  a self-avowed communist radical and “community organizer” with a desk in the White House.  How many more “special advisors” with questionable agendas are still there?

Here’s more background on Van Jones, his views and connections to Obama.

My question is, “how did this guy get picked to work in the White House?”