Our country faces record deficits, the highest un-employment rate in 60 years and is headed straight into the financial abyss due to reckless spending and over consumption.

Yet, Obama says it is urgent that we pass “health care reform”.

Every financial analyst familiar with the health-care proposals expresses concern about the additional debt these proposals represent.  Even the Congressional Budget Office says the cost of these proposals is much more than is being portrayed by the administration.

What does Obama say?  He says it will be “budget neutral”.  And that is where the fairy tale begins; at the beginning.

Rather than halt the economic slide and put measures in place to nurture job growth and get the economy back on track, President Obama and the Congress are now engaged in jamming through a health-care plan that will be the biggest “entitlement” program the United States has ever seen.

Granted our health-care system needs to be overhauled.  Rising costs, decreases in coverage and increasing complexity, fraud and abuse need to be brought under control.  However, assuming that the government is capable of handling this monumentous task is like believing in fairy tales and Santa Claus.

We just went through a “government stimulus“, the TARP bailout, and a “Cash For Clunkers” program that left people wondering what really happened to the money.

The government admits that:

  • They don’t know where all the stimulus money went
  • Recovery.gov figures are inaccurate (after spending $18 million on a “web site upgrade”)
  • They don’t have a way to track jobs created by the stimulus (other than guessing)
  • They didn’t forsee big employee bonuses in TARP
  • They don’t read the legislation they pass

Couple those facts with the government’s track record for management:

The government has no business getting involved with Health Care or any other private enterprise for that matter.  The fact that it has has taken over car companies, banks, and insurance companies should raise red flags in every community.  Worse yet are the lies being told by the current administration about what taking over the health care system will cost.

The Congress has used every accounting trick in the book to make the proposed health-care plans appear much less expensive than they really are.  In fact, the new system will be so expensive that the government will begin levying new taxes to cover the costs in 2010, but will NOT begin delivering health-care services until 2014.  That gives the government five years worth of your taxes with NO health care being delivered.

Don’t believe just me, read what Douglas Holtz-Eakin (former Director of the Congressional Budget Office) said in the Wall Street Journal.