IT’S OFFICIAL: Trump’s Wire Tapping Claims By Obama Just VERIFIED By Top Intel Officer

From, 3/5/17


 Lt. Col. Shaffer: Potential Obama Wiretapping Is ‘Soviet-Level Wrongdoing’

Lt. Col. Shaffer says that President Trump probably has more than enough evidence to build a case against Obama and his staff after being “read into” some of the surveillance programs. According to Shaffer, “we’re talking about the indictments of a former sitting president and his staff.  It is unprecedented.  Shaffer believes that the Obama administration had Trump Tower “wired for sound”, and that this is an order of magnitude worse than Watergate.  It is a case of a sitting president (Obama) using the mechanisms of state to gain advantage over a presidential candidate.   Since they assumed Trump would lose, it wasn’t even about money or power, it was about providing an advantage to Hillary Clinton.

Shaffer said that Obama and staff exhibited “Soviet behavior”, the kind of actions taken in the former Soviet Union.

Lt. Col. Shaffer "Trump Tower was Wired for Sound"

From Fox News Insider 3/5/17