Judge Napolitano sums up Hillary Clinton’s lies and misleading statements about emails handled on her private server.  Clinton’s statement that there were no classified emails has been proven false.  In fact, some of the emails were so highly classified that investigators on the Clinton email probe could not view them – they didn’t have a high enough security clearance.  When asked, Hillary said she hadn’t heard from the FBI, Judge Nap says “Of course she hadn’t heard from them, her lawyers have.”

April 26, 2016 – 07:00


Before Hillary turned over her emails to a congressional investigation, she and her aids went through 61,000 emails and deleted 30,000 of them, claiming that they were personal.

Of the 30,000 emails Clinton did turn over to congress, out of a sampling of 40 emails, 4 were found to contain classified information.

Don’t forget — Hillary wiped the entire email server and deleted everything!  The emails were recovered from the Clinton server hard drive and intermediate servers.