H/T: Fox News Insider

Judge Jeanine Pirro went off on Hillary Clinton over her contention this week that there is “zero chance” that she will be indicted over her private email server.

She said that not only did the former secretary of state commit “about 15 different crimes,” but was primarily concerned about protecting herself and her closest aides from congressional and public scrutiny.

“She didn’t want Americans knowing what she was doing,” Pirro said on Hannity.

She also said she would bet her “bottom dollar” Clinton had the server set up so that she could continue raising money for the Clinton Foundation.

Pirro also said that Clinton should be asking for a special prosecutor to investigate the case, because Obama’s endorsement shows “he is conflicted.”

“How do you know, if you say Mr. President, that you’re not interfering with the investigation? What do you know? What you do know is that you got emails from her on a private server. You responded. As a result, Mr. President, you will be a witness if there were to be a criminal case. They will not let it happen.”

She then asked how does a woman who’s secretary of state do her job for four years and not have one classified email.

“What the hell was she doing?”

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