Call me cynical, but I’ve never understood the full reasoning behind global warming theory.  During the 1980’s the “experts” cautioned about global cooling and an impending “little ice age”.  I don’t that has happened yet.

Now, somehow in the early 90’s the “experts” switched from global cooling to global warming as the new catastrophic cattle-call.   And now, since that didn’t work out so well, they’ve decided to just call it “Climate Change”.

I’m no scientist.  (Honestly I fall asleep as soon as they start talking about formulas and data sets.)  But I can’t help but wonder what changed between 1980 and 1995 that caused our “eco system” to flip upside down and threaten our existence by warming the earth.

Sure, I understand that pollution is a bad thing, and that major cities have smog and too many pollutants in the air.  What I don’t understand is how we make the leap from pollution to global warming.  Especially since the culprit everyone identifies is carbon dioxide (CO2).

Excuse me, but isn’t CO2 consumed by plants and ocean algae to live?  I guess when it gets into the upper atmosphere it becomes a problem.  Nope, that’s not the case either.

According to many scientist, as CO2 levels in the atmosphere increase there is a corresponding increase in the earth’s air temperature.  This temperature increase allows the air to capture more moisture which creates more clouds.  The clouds (also a greenhouse gas) cause the earth to cool by reflecting energy from the sun back out into space.  The net effect is that the earth’s temperature stabilizes.

Here is professor Bob Carter with some pretty convincing evidence that global warming  and global cooling are naturally occurring events that have been measured and documented covering the last 10,000 years.  He uses ice-core data,  just like “Gore’s buddy” and comes to some surprising conclusions.

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