The country seems to be speeding toward a cliff out of control and we’re arguing about who can use the bathroom while we’re killing our newborns and letting some of our citizens starve.  The southern border is wide open and illegals are bankrupting states and taking American jobs while people in this country can not find work.

Large corporations are moving more of the their jobs overseas to take advantage of lower labor costs and reduced regulations.  The government has provided incentives and concessions that make it profitable to build entirely new facilities in other countries while shuttering factories in the US.  So American jobs are lost to foreign workers while other foreign workers are allowed to walk across the border and take the remaining US jobs.

The world has flipped upside down.  What’s wrong is right and what used to be right is now wrong.  They put a crucifix in a jar of urine and call it art, but think that the 10 commandments should be removed from city hall because it is offensive. They fly the Mexican flag above “Old Glory” but want nativity scenes removed from the town square during Christmas.

The US has a 19 TRILLION dollar debt that is climbing faster than a rocket to the moon, and the politicians think they should get a raise because they can’t live on $174,000 per year.  Businesses are dying because of over-regulation, foreign competition and a generation of workers who figure that the company owes them a paycheck just for showing up whether they do a good job or not.

Then there’s the $15 per hour minimum wage.  They call it a living wage.  It should be called a dying wage, because it will kill jobs and the businesses that used to offer those jobs.  Everywhere that wage is required will become a dead zone where businesses have to fold or scale back their operations to cover costs.

This is my personal “rant” space, where I try  to right the wrongs of the country by presenting a conservative viewpoint tempered with lots of blue-collar experience and an appreciation for the guys and gals that grind out the daily bread.